Sunday 18 October 2015

hello everyone

This is my first attempt at writing about our experiences as a fellow traveller as the name suggests these experiences always include my very dear plus one , my husband , my soul mate and my fellow traveller Prashanth.
both of us being doctors we try to get away as often as we can and needless to say to a new place every time and we try to find places that are isolated from 'tourists'.
The conventional holiday spots are beyond crowded they are noisy, expensive and anything but a holiday...
The past 2 years that we ve been married we ve had about 10 memorable trips and i wish to share them with you,

Friday 2 October 2015

Tamara - the lotus heaven


Location- coorg , napoklu- talakaveri road
Route taken- bangalore - mysore- mysore bypass- mysore- hunsur road- virajpet deviation - talakaveri road
Holiday type- romance- honeymoon-second honeymoon- adventure with luxury- high budget- long drive - amazing road
Preparation- rain - incessant rain- leeches- warm clothes- good shoes- camera -tripod(if you wanna photograph stars this is the place)
Resort info- NO KIDS BELOW 12 YEARS allowed (even if you are a movie star)( they dint allow a kannada movie star with kids).
if its a long weekend/ holiday season book well in advance.
For the best experience leave early in the morning reach mysore for breakfast (i would highly recommend mysore mylari) if you prefer to bypass mysore pack sandwiches:)
THE BEST PART- ambience and activities
they could improve their food quite a bit

It had been one crazy month with endless patients complaining of fever most of them turning out to be dengue or typhoid .I was extremely tired of listening to people say they were tired, they were running a temperature from which I felt like running away and of everyone saying their body ached which had started to give me a headache.
we really needed a break from this and this unplanned vacation happened or should I say my mom made it happen the october 2nd weekend being a long weekend every single hotel in every single place was booked beyond capacity, but like always it so happened that mom does know best so she pulled a few strings and got us going.
we decided to leave early morning on a saturday which was our idea to beat traffic which surprisingly worked we were in mysore by 7:30 am , Mysore being the place of my alma mater holds a very special place in my heart so we decided to have pbj sandwiches on the bridge built across cauvery river. this was actually pretty fun.
our breakfast view !

After mysore was when the actual fun began... we took the bypass and entered on to say the least one of the best roads in karnataka the mysore-hunsur road. Traffic was not bad and then we reached the Y  we chose to take the road through virajpet after this and to say i wanted to get of the car and roll on the streets would be an understatement thats how clean , isolated and scenic the road is don't believe me see for yourself.

finally in a little less than 5.5 hours including our mysore stop this is inspite of my "snail speed driving" (courtesy - husband)

What strikes you as you take a left from the road  is how well the muddy cobble stonned roads are made and how there a signposts to help you in every single cure and narrow bridge this drive was really an amazing experience.(forgot to take pictures was busy trying not to go off the road)
we entered into the estate which is about 160 acres of pure bliss the fresh smell of cardamom,pepper and coffee welcomes you. 
we were welcomed with the traditional indian aarthi and jaggery coffee something we had for the very first time my plusone enjoyed it so much he asked for another cup.
we were then taken to our lovely wooden cottages by electrically driven car . the cottages are set far apart to ensure privacy and every cottage promises you a breath taking view from your balcony.
                                              glimpses of our cottage

This was followed by a wonderful lunch there was nothing special about the food but the restaurant is placed over a beautiful gurgling stream the sights sound and smell of the ambience is good enough not to just fill your stomach but your soul as well

the stream before it runs down the restaurants floors

The amazing glass floor of the restaurant around which they have seating on which you can sit and have delicious desserts.

After which we went on this activity they had called plantation tour which is basically as the name suggests a guided tour of the property also sight some exotic plants and birds on the way no birds for us as it was raining but what we did see are these wonderful water falls that they have all around the property and some really exotic flowers                                                                                                     

this walk was a wonderful experience where we walked through the property amongst leeches ( be prepared to be de toxified).I personally don't mind the leeches but if you do its better you are well prepared with rubber boots available at the resort.
This walk ends at their coffee shop where they let you experience the complete art of coffee making the whole deal from picking out the good beans from the bad to roasting to powdering to actually brewing your own coffee this is actually every coffee lover s dream come true . day 1 came to an end with a good dinner and well made bed with chocolates on them as a surprise.

day 2 began really early at the break of dawn as we had decided to go on their 14 km trek even though a lot of people had signed up for it only 3 other people turned up but they were awesome company so no regrets ....
the guide is someone who has retired from the army so he is well trained to handle an emergency or uncalled for incidents . this trek turned out to be pretty hard much harder than i had expected but the end point is totally worthwhile bcoz the final destination is an untouched pure water fall in the middle of the forest.

you cross many such wonderful little streams and gurgling waterfalls. as you can see you are well equipped to handle the leeches .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

the final spot is a cliff  where you sit down and relax for while and take in the beauty of nature as it supposed to be untouched and pure                                                                                                                                              

this is the story of this little puppy who followed us all the way up the hill got bitten by the leeches , waited for us when we dint walk as fast as him , made sure the whole group was coming along ... drank tropican with us and nibbled on our biscuits as well as photobombed all our pictures

The trekking gang

we came back ravenously hungry from our trek to a breakfast that would be the best meal we would have at tamara . Their breakfast wins the best meal they have to offer hands down. a special shout out to the live counter omelettes and waffles
this was followed by a lot of lazing around and playing jenga in our cottage followed by a visit to their spa rightfully called the elevation to soothe our sore muscles
late in the evening we played a few of the indoor games they have to offer which was a blast from the past and included a lot of squabbling and name calling.

we left the next morning not really willingly to madikeri to meet a family friend  we dint really have time to explore madikeri as we had plans of visiting the tibetan monastery at kushalnagar and a few friends in mysore on the way back.I highly recommend the tibetan monastery go down a little and look for the prayer roll walking a kilometer rolling them will actually bring you a lot of peace.
with that this beautiful journey of tamara came to an end.

coming up - B R hills
Till then ciao, take care and keep travelling but NOT without your plus one.